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This Plastic Grinder is an official Storz & Bickel product with extra sharp teeth for finer grinds. It has a diameter of 59 mm and features a simple 3 piece design with a built-in stash case. Thanks to its low weight it makes for a perfect travel companion.

Although these products are quickly gaining popularity, they can be hard to find in states where cannabis isn’t legal. We also didn’t consider e-cigarettes or other products for tobacco or nicotine use. The devices that use these substances are broadly called vaporizers, which is confusing. We took the time to interview more airvape xs go experts, read more reviews, and try more products firsthand than most regular shoppers ever get the chance to. Mouth piece that’s magnetic makes using very convenient and smooth sailing. Had volcano digit before this and got frustrated for heating time since it takes multiple times longer to heat up.

It feels really nice in my hands, produces great taste and vapors and It’s perfect for when you’re on-the-go and you require performance and need to be discrete. But, I wish it had a better battery life, Also the mouthpiece gets really hot which is a very annoying. Volcano Classic is one of the most popular vaporizers on the market since the last decade.

This pairs well with another feature – the AirVape X is now compatible with concentrates as well as herbs. An improvement that answers to the demands of many users. With the Wax Pad you can vape concentrates like waxes and oils with your AirVape X. Simply insert the pad in the chamber and put your concentrate on top of it.

The Firefly 2+ model’s convection heat produces some of the best vapor—tastier, cooler, and, frankly, stronger—of all of the models we tested. Its easy-to-load chamber holds more ground material than most vaporizers; cleaning the wide, open airway is straightforward; and its capacitive heat-up buttons are simple to activate. Although we like the overall design of the Firefly, it lacks the display of the AirVape X, and it isn’t as portable, compact, or discreet as the Hopper io. Buy the best vaping products in the business and shop AirVape’s incredible range of loose-leaf, dry herb, and concentrates oils. Why not treat yourself to a High-End Vaporizer, designed with elegance and style in mind?

The taste and smell is a bit different, doesnt really leave a strong odor like smoking in the room.the tobacco doesnt make a mess either, it stays pretty clean. Nice to have at home but still want the act and feeling of smoking. My lungs do feel better after using it for a week at least part time. The Apollo Airvape X comes packed with an impressive lifetime manufacturers warranty. This does not cover normal degradation of the battery or general wear and tear on the Air Vape X. But a lifetime is a generous amount of time for your piece of mind.

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